How to cut a folder or file on macOS?

Of the interesting features that Mac OS users encounter, to their great surprise, there is no Cut command on the menu . How do I add a cut command to the Finder on Mac?

It’s actually very simple. First you need to install the free XtraFinder utility . We will not dwell on the installation process in detail – it is freely available, and the instructions for its step-by-step installation should be enough to simply follow them without additional comments in this article.

When XtraFinder is installed, go to the Features tab . Check the Copy and Paste checkbox as noted in the image below.

The features of XtraFinder can be seen in the image below:

That’s all, actually! Now the same commands as in Windows will be available in the Macintosh context menu. Agree that this is not difficult at all.

Can I do without XtraFinder

If for some reason you do not want to install XtraFinder, then the question of how to cut a folder in Mac OS (how to move a folder in Mac) has another answer, without it.

First, select the desired file. Further hotkeys [Cmd] + [ C ] .

Go to the folder where we want to carry out the movement, and press the [ Cmd ]  + [ Option ] + [ V ] .

That’s all! This is how the standard cut works on a Macintosh.

What will be more convenient for you – installing an additional program or getting used to a new combination of hot keys, decide for yourself.



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