How to remove Dashboard on macOS

Dashboard in Mac OS is a number of information widgets in one bottle. They provide access to various theoretically useful information, for example, a calculator, stock quotes, the weather in the near future, and so on.

It would seem useful? But does every person need this? Even a calculator is not always needed, or you can use it in another version. Stock quotes are primarily of interest to financiers and players on the exchange.

In addition, the fact is that Apple has recently greatly changed its attitude towards the Dashboard and its usefulness, in principle, is in great doubt. Therefore, you may find it more convenient to disable it.

The dashboard can be disabled easily.

Go to System Preferences.

There you need to select Mission Control (a very useful section that is worth mastering not only within the framework of this article).

There we already find the Dashboard settings. There will be three options: use it as a separate desktop, use it as an additional layer, and disable it altogether. We now need the latter – which means that we are doing so, that is, Off.

If in the future you need to return the Dashboard, turn it back on in the same place (the default item is most often called ” As a space “).

If this method does not suit you for some reason, you can disable Dashboard through the Terminal. Slightly less friendly to inexperienced users, but faster.

Just launch the Terminal and issue the following command:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES && killall Dock

That’s it, Dashboard should be successfully deactivated.


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